Design Minded is a creative
studio that combines the
practice of design making
with design thinking.

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Design making:

compelling stories

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Design for Flying Towards a Cure, benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Thinking, inventing, designing,
producing; bringing ideas
to life. That’s the business of
design minding.

Design Minded is an intelligent, concept-centric creative studio with an emphasis on ideation. The work produced here transcends across creative strategy, print, and digital, and can range from very big

to quite small. It’s design with a brain. Simple, smart, savvy, cheerful, edgy, scholastic, or stead—whatever the narrative, it can be told in many ways. Creative executions range from book design, to website, to brand identity.

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See for yourself the products of design minding through making. Click below to start the slideshow.

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Various design examples including print, logo, and digital

Design thinking:

compelling stories

to be told

Published interview with Yves Béhar, Design Bureau Magazine, February 2013

Writing, interviewing, moder–
ating, speaking, and teach–
ing. That’s how else design
gets minded.

Chief Design Minder Saundra Marcel participates in public discourse on design as a professional design critic, journalist, and industry expert. She explores topics including design ethics, the business of design, culture

and design, graphic trends, technology, products, and architecture. Marcel’s voice in the field is passionate, authentic, and unique— educated yet accessible and fun to read for any creative individual.

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    A chat with Yves Béhar about industrial design, entrepre-
    neurship, and on being contrarian.

    Published in
    Design Bureau

    This intoxicating cartoon diva grows up and gets an extreme makeover. [04/2010]

    Published in
    Dress, D-Crit

    A review of Linotype: The Film for lovers of machines, nostalgia, and old-school printing. [02/2012]

    Published on
    Domus Web

    About his career-long quest for happiness and the film that came out of it. [10/2012]

    Published in
    Design Bureau

    Young architects are proving there's more than one way to the top. [11/2011]

    Published in
    Design Bureau

    How graphic design icon Milton Glaser has been escaping expectations. [07/2012]

    Published in
    Design Bureau

    Legendary ad man George Lois will tell you when you don't know shit. [09/2012]

    Published in
    Design Bureau, Plus Live Q&A

    Personal essay about life on an island, with borders both real and imagined. [04/2011]

    Published in
    At Water's Edge,
    D-Crit Chapbook

    Why are zombies today so
    darn cute?

    Written for
    D-Crit Criticism Lab

    Considering the value of travel mementos. [08/2010]

    Published on
    AIGA Voice

    The ethics of design competitions are up for debate. [05/2012]

    Published in
    Design Bureau

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Images from various published articles and talks

Design Minded

is located in New

York City. Contact:

Library of Congress Archive, New York City rooftops, circa 1967

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